Monday, June 4, 2012

Going... going...

Big news:
We have bought tickets for Monday, the 6th of August for all five of us. One way tickets. Because...

Jorge has been thrilled to be accepted to both, HEC Montreal, and BGSU (Bowling Green State University) MBA programs!!
After careful consideration & planning we are going to be living in Ohio for the next year, though Canada remains an interesting future option.
We are excited and daunted by our impending international move and are doing our best to take care of paperwork and visas & all that fun stuff. We are more excited that we'll be in the states for some considerable amount of time and hope to be able to visit family and friends as soon as possible, classes and projects and budget permitting. The MBA lasts one full year- Aug 2012 'til Aug 2013, with the possibility to specialize afterward in another semester of classes. It will be a team effort to proof read papers and put toddlers to bed on time, but we're excited to tackle this new challenge. This has been in the making for the past couple of years, and our ducks are finally getting into their row.
Jorge will be a full-time student while Rachel is a full-time mother of three, so for a while we'll be living on our savings and hoping the economy starts improving so we can find good employment at the end of this adventure.
Keep us in your prayers. We hope to see many of you dear family and friends soon!

Realce Punto Yugoslavo - Border Stitch

Español abajo
These are some photos of designs from a magzine called Realce. They are used to decorate table cloths with a decorative stitch in a variety of colors. According to my dh's aunt they don't print these like they used to, and I had a hard time finding designs online, so I wanted to post these photos.
Aquí comparto unos modelos de punto Yugoslavo de una vieja revista de Realce. Yo no tengo copyright, solo pretendo compartirlos para animarles a intentarlo, que es muy divertido y bastante sencillo cuando le coges el tranquillo.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

May brings Blessings

On Sunday, May 6th, 2012 our third child was given a baby blessing by his father at the Alcalá Ward. We were so glad to share this special event with family who live near and with Opa & Oma Newberry, who came to visit us from the states. You can see our photos of their visit here

We've been having a good two months getting to know Oliver & getting used to having another much more interactive toy around the house. I'm so glad to report that his brother & sister adore him, are very gentle with him, and would smother him with kisses if we let them. Here are some photos of the little guy:

Another exciting bit of news is still in the making, but it is becoming clear that by the end of summer we will no longer be residing in Spain, but rather in North America, in "the heart of it all" or in Montreal.
Wish us luck & send up prayers for our little family in this big move. We'll be there at least a year while Jorge studies an MBA.
Stay posted.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some new videos I have posted on youtube:
   We went up the mountains north of Madrid to find real snow, though it was also a very cold and rainy day in general around our town.  Besides the cold wind the snow was blown into our faces, stinging quite a bit. Charles did not understand this subjecting ourselves to such uncomfortable weather conditions.

   Oliver was really awake, but calm, the other night... right at bedtime, of course...

   Charles & Oliver had similar outfits on, so I thought - photo op! Then I thought, I'll take a video too, just saying hi, but right as I started recording Charles did the cutest thing and tickled him! In Spanish- cosquillas

  My favorite little kitchen helper.  Sometimes more of a distraction than a help, but it's always nice too have company, especially when he's so enthusiastic.

Enjoy! hugs from the five Freireberries!

Monday, April 2, 2012